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Welcome to the European Mining, Minerals and Environmental Program

EMMEP is a consortium of Europe's leading universities in resource engineering. Until the 2015-2017 program three options were offered, each by three of the following universities: Aalto University, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), University of Miskolc, RWTH Aachen University and Wroclaw University of Technology. The organization and co-ordination of the EMMEP program is carried out by TU Delft.

In order to create more flexibility in the program, taking into account the individual interest and strength of the students, a stronger structure for the future has been  put into place starting September 2016:

Since 2016 EMMEP offers two options: 
- European Mining Course (EMC, a 2 year tripple degree, EIT labelled, MSc program), for detailed information see here.
- European Mineral and Recycling Process Engineering (EMREC, exchange based international program).

Participating students study together at 2 or 3 universities for 1 or 3 semesters in different European countries. A one semester thesis project is carried out at one of the universities. Joining one of the two EMMEP options is an excellent opportunity to study abroad, meet foreign students, visit companies, and spend 2 years in an international environment. EMMEP builds on the strengths and the complementary expertise in earth sciences at these three universities. It offers you a combination of study and research, leading to an outstanding qualification in mining engineering.

A brochure of EMMEP can be downloaded from here. The partner universities also offer local MSc programs in related subjects, which are offered in the English language. An overview can be found here. A short information video of the EMC - EIT labelled program can be watched here.

EMC was awarded the EIT-Label from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), an EU initiative aiming to spur innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. The EIT-Label is a quality seal awarded to Master and PhD programmes demonstrating excellence in innovation and entrepreneurial education.

Admission for 2018-2020 opens on the 1 of October 2017! The application deadline is on 1 March 2018.

The Federation of European Mineral Programs (FEMP) maintains the contacts with the supporting industry and the alumni.

For further information please contact:

Program coordinator EMMEP
Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
The Netherlands
Marieke Bouman, MA
Tel: +31 15 278 85107
[email protected]