2022 European Mining Course

Structured Exchange 2022-2024

The European Mining Course (EMC) is a Master degree which covers every aspect of the life cycle of mineral resources.

The world recognised European Mining Courses (EMC) is offered as a structure exchange program for 2022.

Our partner universities for 2022 are RWTH Aachen, Aalto University and MU Leoben, they provide the highest level of mining education through a structured, flexible exchange.

Aalto University students should apply through Aalto university

All other application should be through Montanuniversität Leoben.

Apply for the EMC structure Exchange program.
Semester 1
Montanuniversität Leoben
Continuous Mining Methods and Conveying Technologies in Surface and Underground Mining (3 ECTS)
Mine Ventilation, Water Control, Infrastructure (3 ECTS)
Occupational and Process Safety (3 ECTS)
Sustainable Development: History of thought, basic concepts and current applications (6 ECTS)
Excavation Enginering (3 ECTS)
Mineral Economics (3 ECTS)
Several Elective Courses
Start of two year programme
Semester 2
RWTH Aachen University
Feasibility studies of mining projects (5 ECTS)
Reserve modelling and estimation (5 ECTS)
Mine design and simulation (5 ECTS)
Mine ventilation (5 ECTS)
Case study: mining projects (5 ECTS)
Mine Waste (5 ECTS)
Semester 3
Aalto University
Fundamentals of minerals engineering and recycling (5 ECTS)*
Technical innovation project (10 ECTS)*
Economic geology and mineral economics (5 ECTS)*
Rock mechanics (5 ECTS)
Field experience and project in hard rock mining (5 ECTS)
*Component of the circular economy design forum
Semester 4
Thesis carried out at one of the universities or at a company with support from EMC (30 ECTS)
Degree diplomas received

Structured Exchange

Semester 1. Oct 01 2022 - Feb 28 2023

MU Leoben

The MU Leoben provides courses with focus on deposit development, those include underground mining, deposit modelling and occupational safety.

Semester 2. April - Sept 2023

RWTH Aachen

RTWH Aachen will offer courses connec- ted to deposit sustainability. Courses address mine wastes, feasibility studies and mining and modelling.

Semester 3, Sept - Dec 2023

Aalto University

Aalto covers aspects around deposit characterisation, focusing on economic geology and mineral economics, mate- rials processing and synthesis and rock mechanics.

Semester 4, Feb - Aug 2024

Thesis, Home University

The thesis semester covers a 6-month 30 ECTS full-time thesis. Theses might be done with industry partners or at research facilities within the universities.

Exchange program

The European Mining Course (EMC) is an exchange master program hosted by three leading technical universities in Europe: - RWTH Aachen University (Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (MRE)) - Aalto University (Helsinki), and - Montanuniversität Leoben. Alongside with students of these three uni- versities, there are numerous guests from Europe and from all over the world partici- pating in the EMC to explore the interna- tional world of mining within their master studies. The EMC covers every aspect of the life cycle of mineral resources. It is designed to provide a solid understanding of the global mining industry and takes a life-cyc- le approach by covering the entire mining value chain. It offers a state-of-the-art technical basis in resource modelling, mine design and economic evaluation. Technical knowledge is supplemented with topics on business economics, ethics, environmen- tal engineering and a clearly defined and structured program for the management of health, safety and environment. But there is more to the EMC than just stu- dying abroad! Through guest lectures from industry, excursions and industrial pro- jects, you get a direct insight into the inter- national mining industry and gather valua- ble contacts for your professional future. The EMC aims to train professionals who will be the future decision-makers in the mineral resources and associated engi- neering trade, with a strong vision of the future developments in this industry. EMC supports the development of students into adaptive, innovative and entrepreneurial- ly-oriented engineers capable of identify- ing the best approach to obtain optimal value from mineral ore deposits.


The fees for the 2022-23 EMC structured exchange program will differ depending on which university you apply to. Please consult the university of your choice to request the up to date information.

Fees for Montanuniversität Leoben


Admitted students may be awarded a scholarship in order to cover the fees and other costs:

FEMP scholarship: awarded to excellent students throughout the programme. 2022-23 students can apply for a FEMP scholarship to help cover some stay and travel costs by contacting the FEMP coordinator.

The Erasmus Mobility Scholarship: covers a max of 12 months of study in a country within the EU. It can only be requested once per academic year for mobility periods taking place outside of your home country. To start the application an Erasmus+ Learning Agreement will need to be completed. Make sure you enquire if you are eligible for this scholarship (only after being accepted into the program).

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