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Fees and Enrolment

The students will be enrolled at TU Delft for the entire two year period and at the partner university of their track according to the rules of that university, but at least be registered during the period of their stay at all partner universities. The students have to pay the following:

The participation contribution for the two year program, to be paid to TU Delft (2019-2020 amounts):

  • Students with EU/EFTA nationality: 2 083,‐ Euro/year
  • Students with non‐EU/EFTA nationality: 18,750 ‐ Euro/year (this is the proposed fees subject to formal advice by TU Delft’s Student Council and final approval by TU Delft’s Executive Board)

There might be extra fees, such as social contribution or student union fee.

*Note: The above mentioned amounts are 2019-2020 amounts.