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For further information please contact:

Program coordinator EMMEP                                    Alumni Council Coordiator
Delft University of Technology                                      Thom van Gerwe, MSc
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences             [email protected]
The Netherlands
Marieke Bouman, MA                                                   Database Management and Social Media
Tel: +31 15 278 5124                                                   Laura Tiainen, MSc
[email protected]                                                        [email protected]


Partner coordinators EMMEP


Academic representative

E-mail address

Delft University of Technology

Mike Buxton

[email protected]

RWTH Aachen

Bernd Lottermoser

[email protected]

Aalto University

Mikael Rinne (EMC)
Rodrigo Serna (EMREC)

[email protected] [email protected]

University of Miskolc

Ferenc Mádai

[email protected]

Wroclaw University of Techn.

Gabriela Paszkowska

[email protected]