European Mining Courses

FEMP celebrates 25 years of the European Mining Course in 2021.

We look back and admire the fantastic work that has been done, the 800+ talented individuals that have already completed their MSc through FEMP and now help lead the mining industry globally.

We also look forward to building on this strong foundation, as EMC evolves to European Mining Courses with the addition of a flexible exchange program from 2022.

Over the last 25 years, EMC has been in constant evolution, as partner universities joined and departed our educational activities, and the course expanded to globally recognised MSc degree.

To help us with the next stage in this evolution we will soon be announcing an additional partner university who will be joining the team in 2022. More on that later.

For 2021 the EMC is now underway, so unfortunately applications are now closed, however you are welcome to review the details on the 2021 program using the link below.

For 2022 we are excited to welcome a new partner Montan Universit├Ąt Leoben and the change to a structured exchange program. Once the details are finalised, they will be published here, together with a link for applications. So please check back regularly.

2021 EMC Program Info

Interested in learning more about our 2022 program?

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