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The EMC programme received the EIT Label, a quality seal awarded to top Master and PhD programmes which excel in shaping a new generation of students into game changers and innovators. Students of EIT Label programmes learn how to combine their specialist knowledge with key innovation and entrepreneurship skills to develop solutions to pressing societal challenges. At EIT RawMaterials, eligible EIT Label students also receive grants totaling EUR 9.000 and additional support for travel. The program is a two year (120 credit) program leading to a Joint MSc degree. It consists of 3 semesters of courses and a 1 semester thesis project. Students are stimulated and assisted to carry out an internship. Please watch this video clip with information about the course contents. 

Teaching is carried out by good quality staff of the organizing and other universities supplemented, by a pool of external experts from academia and industry. Students increase their self-learning ability culminating in a thesis that demonstrates their ability to integrate all their acquired knowledge and skills. The language of instruction of the entire program, courses and examination, is English.

All of the EMC course descriptions can be found in the TU Delft digital Study Guide.


  Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
EMC Helsinki Aachen Delft Thesis

European Mining Course (EMC)

1st Year, 1st semester
Aalto Helsinki
CHEM-E6140 Fundamentals of minerals engineering and recycling 5
CHEM-E6225 Technical innovation project 10
GEO-E3010 Economic Geology & mineral economics 5
GEO-E2030 Rock Mechanics 5
GEO-E3020 Field Experience and Project in Hard Rock Mining 5
1st Year, 2nd semester
RWTH Aachen
A-FST Feasibility Studies & Financial Modeling 5
A-RME Reserve Modelling and Estimation 4
A-UMD Underground Mine Design 4
A-SMD Surface Mine design 4
A-MV-14 Mine Ventilation 6
A-CS-14 Case Study 7
2nd Year, 1st semester
TU Delft
 AESM1025 Data analysis and Resource Modelling
AESM1023 Computer-aided mine design and optimization 5
AESM1024 Legal, Health and Safety 5
CME2300+AESM2300-1 Financial Engineering (4 cr) and Investment Scenarios (1 cr) 5
AESM2022 Project Execution/Implementation Plan 10
2nd Year, 2nd semester
Location 4
  Final Thesis 30