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Exams are organized according to the examination regulations of the responsible Partner University. The Partners Universities adopted the ECTS scheme. A student receives the allocated number of credit points for each course, provided he/she has obtained a minimum grade of E in the respective examination or has been granted an exemption.

Master Thesis Project

The Master Thesis Project, worth 30 ECTS credit points, shall be supervised in accordance with the examination rules of each of the three universities participating in the particular track. The Master Thesis Project will be co-supervised by one staff member of each of the Partner Universities in the specific track.  The student will spend his/her final semester at one of the three Partner Universities or outside organizations such as industry, government agencies or other university laboratories.

Delivery of the academic degree

After having completed the EMMEP curriculum, the student receives a Triple Master of Science Degree, one degree from each of the Partner Universities in the specific track. All degrees will be valid seperately from one another. For the purpose of international mobility, the Triple Master Degree will be accompanied by a Diploma Supplement according to art. IX.3 of the Lisbon Recognition Convention of 11 April 1997. The Diploma Supplement stipulates the prerequisites and requirements for a jointly awarded Triple Master Degree for the completed track.