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Who holds sufficient authority to write letters of recommendation for my application?

Letters of recommendation are usually written by professors of the university students are currently attending. Applicants who are already working in the industry could ask their supervisors.

I do not have to pay tuition fee in my home country. Do I have to pay a fee if I am admitted to an EMMEP program or am I exempt?

All students who are admitted to EMMEP programs have to pay a participation fee, including students from partner universities. However, all EMMEP program students can apply for scholarships.

In which language are the courses taught?

The language of instruction of the entire program, courses and examination, is English.

How is the examination organised by the partner universities?

Exams are organized according to the examination regulations of the responsible partner university. The partners universities adopted the ECTS scheme. A student receives the allocated number of credit points for each course, provided he/she has obtained a minimum grade of E in the respective examination or has been granted an exemption.

What do the research and PhD opportunities look like?

All staff responsible for the courses are closely involved in research activities. During the program, the student increases their self-learning abilities and research skills, culminating in a thesis that demonstrates these skills. Furthermore, the student plays an important role in assisting PhD students by working on parts of their projects. When a student has successfully completed an EMMEP program, (s)he can potentially continue as a PhD researcher with one of the partner universities.

My question is not here…

Always feel free to get in touch with us. The easiest way is to use the email addresses mentioned in the footer below.

Do the partner universities take care of moving to and living at different locations?

All partner universities advise and assist students in moving between countries and living in the different cities. Each partner university will do its utmost to provide housing for every student in the program. Students stay in university accommodation in single or double rooms. They will register for the accommodation themselves.

Do the partner universities take care of visas/residence permits?

Obtaining the necessary visa lies in the responsibility of the admitted student. The universities you will attend will inform you about applying for visa or residence permit.

For what kind of career paths is this program suitable?

After completing your degree, you will be qualified to work for a wide range of companies. Some examples: mining companies, employers engaged in the minerals and metals processing technology, companies with ore deposits and integrated production, market leaders for efficient dredging and mining, aggregates companies, government agencies, engineering and consulting, firms, banks, global oil services, knowledge institutions, research institutes and think tanks.

What is EMMEP?

EMMEP is a consortium of Europe's leading universities in resource engineering. Until the 2015-2017 program three options were offered, each by three of the following universities: Aalto University, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), University of Miskolc, RWTH Aachen University and Wroclaw University of Technology. The organization and co-ordination of the EMMEP program is carried out by TU Delft. In order to create more flexibility in the program, taking into account the individual interest and strength of the students EMMEP currently offers two different study programs: \* European Mining Course (EMC) – 2-year triple degree EIT labelled M.Sc. program \* European Mineral and Recycling Process Engineering (EMREC) – Exchange based international program EMMEP builds on the strengths and the complementary expertise in earth sciences at these three universities. It offers you a combination of study and research, leading to an outstanding qualification in mining engineering. (brochure)

Do the partner universities take care of health insurance and other insurances?

Students need to organize health insurance which is valid in all three countries and also covers visits to mines at industrial sites as well as traveling from one country to another.

I don’t want to travel around. Are there alternatives at the partner universities?

Yes, the partner universities also offer local M.Sc. programs in related subjects, which are offered in the English language. An overview can be found [here](http://emmep.org.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/production/upload/file/1/Local_Alternatives.pdf).

EMMEP covers EMC and EMREC Master programmes and is organised and coordinated by FEMP.

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