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EU students
are eligible for an EIT scholarship of 9000 (max) euro total. This scholarship cannot be combined with a FEMP and/or Erasmus+ mobilty scholarship.

Non-EU students are eligible for a (FEMP) scholarship of 9000 (min) - 16.000 (max) euro total, depending on number of applicants, funds available and personal circumstances of the student.


All EMREC students are eligible for an Erasmus+ mobility scholarship of one semester. Aditionally, they can apply for a small FEMP scholarship.


EIT scholarships
After admission, EMC students from EU countries will be informed about how to apply for an EIT scholarship.


FEMP Scholarships
The Federation of European Mineral Programs (FEMP) is the organization that links the industry (some 35 companies) and the 700 alumni with the EMMEP program and the students.

FEMP gives financial assistance to qualifying non-EU students through scholarships. The assistance is meant to equalize the opportunities between students from different countries and cultural backgrounds. The amounts vary, depending on number of applicants, funds available and personal circumstances of the student. Students can apply for a FEMP scholarship after admittance to the program.


Erasmus+ Study mobility Grants
All EMREC students and non-EU EMC students who have been admitted to EMMEP can apply for Erasmus+ Study Grants for the first year of their studies. The grants vary between €150 and €250 per month (depending on the universities you will visit).

Once you have been admitted to EMMEP, you will receive all the necessary forms to apply from the program coordinator.

*Important note: Applying for an Erasmus+ Study Grant takes effort and commitment, not only from TU Delft as your sending institution, but also from you as an Erasmus+ student. Please be aware of the rights and obligations before, but also after your mobility period. If you do not comply with the rules, you might be forced to pay back your scholarship.