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EMEC: Christian Wilke – RWTH Aachen University

The EMEC is a unique experience. I think the most important part of this course is to learn how to work in a team with people from different countries. It’s a great chance to develop your personal and international communication skills.
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EGEC: Rodrigo Embile - University of the Philippines Diliman

Who would have thought that within a year, I could visit at least six European countries, study in five universities, and basically live with fourteen other amazing students with nine nationalities while pursuing a Master’s degree? The past ten months was a blast that this impression is simply not enough to compliment all the learning, friends and memories I have gained. 

EMC: Ko Korenromp – Delft University of Technology

This year has been extraordinary in all ways imaginable. The close connection between the FEMP organization and the industry creates an educational environment which is unique.
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EGEC: Florian Hahn – RWTH Aachen University

The EGEC has proven to be the exact exchange program I was looking and hoping for. Studying not only at five different universities abroad, but also with colleagues from all over the world has been a tremendous and thrilling experience, which I will never forget.